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Black Coffee celebrates 3 million followers

celebrates hitting 3 million followers on Instagram.

The international DJ appreciates the support from fans, and he shared over 5 snaps to mark the milestone.

“Wow!!! 3 million followers today… thank you for your continued support and love,” he captioned post.

Some celebs and fans joined in celebrating the DJ.

DUH!!! 🙄 many of us would follow you TWICE if we could!!!” said.


Amidst allegations from his ex-wife, , that he abused her, the DJ has chosen to live life to the fullest, and secure bags from different international countries.

He was recently in Houston, and  was wowed at how the international audience were expecting him to serve them sounds.

But nah besilapha 💃🇿🇦🚀🚀🚀