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Check out the amount Master KG spent on “Shine Your Light” video that will shock you


spoke about the amount of money spent on shooting Your Light video which got fans wowed.

The music producer also claimed the price shocked him, as it’s the highest he’s ever spent on making a music video.

The song features international stars, and Akon.

The video was shot out of SA and the DJ claimed it costed him R11 Million to shoot the video.

“This year I shot my First Most Crazy Expensive video “ Your Light” it costed R1.1Million Never Thought it would happen coz I’m used to R50k Videos But i’m happy Make sure you check it out on Youtube,” he said.

Speaking about the location of the music video, said; “It was Shot In Dominican Republic. The flights From SA to There Accommodation and The Production team in those countries Is Freaking Expensive n other things.”

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