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Video – NaakMusiQ finally opens up on his relationship with Nandi Mbatha


 has decided to spill the tea in a recent MacG interview on Podcast and Chill.

The star finally addressed the rumours that he dated model and actress Nandi Mbatha.

According to the video, Naak mentioned that whatever happened between them “didn’ work”.

In May 2020, the two were suspected to have been dating but none of them came out to confirm it not until recent.

“I didn’ really date Nandi, to be honest. It was during the lockdown and we were working on a campaign together. We were shooting a lot of content here so a lot of the time she was at my house,” Naak said, before admitting they basically “hooked up”.

“I don’ know what started it but I remember, I mean If I consider you as my brother, I should be able to tell you when you are doing something wrong. In fact, if I don’ tell you that then I don’ consider you as my brother. So it was one of those situations, I don’ even know what it was about. I remember just saying something and then he laughed and said it’s just me being competitive.”

The actor went on to explain that what they had was more of a “situationship” as opposed to a relationship and after some time they got claustrophobic and it didn’ work out.

“We’ve all had girlfriends in the past and it didn’ work.”

However, by October 2020, it was reported the pair had broken up.

Watch video below:

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